Ready for a fun night out in Southern Oregon?

Are you a character?  Or would you like spend the evening with a character or two?  Bybee's Historic Inn, an authentic Oregon bed and breakfast just outside of Jacksonville, OR, is offering that opportunity in January 2012.

Vikki Lynn, innkeeper from Bybee's Historic Inn, offers the following:

Local Historic Characters of the 1800’s come alive.

Join us for a truly unique initmate dining experience featuring a menu paired with wine or Dry Soda! 

Enjoy local historic characters that 'come...

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Portland Oregon's A Painted Lady Inn is Voted "Best for Nearby Museums"

A Painted Lady Inn Portland Oregon lodging wins Best of Nearby Museums Award from Pamela Lanier's Bed & Breakfast Inns 2011 competitionIt never seems to end that Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild members keep winning awards.  This time it's the 2011 Guests' Greatest Picks competition hosted by Pamela Lanier's Bed & Breakfast Inns.  And the winner in the category "Best for Nearby Museums" is (drum roll please). . .Oregon's own A Painted Lady Inn located in Portland!

(Not a small feat, mind you, considering that this is a national competition!)

Innkeeper Jody Runge offers the following about her Portland Oregon lodging:  "Located...

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Travel to the Brit Festival in Style!

Thinking about mixing a little culinary tourism with your summer concert schedule?  A stay at Bybee's Historic Inn in Jacksonville Oregon could be your cup of tea (or scone for that matter).  Top it off with transportation to Jacksonville's Britt Festival and your weekend entertainment is well taken care of.

View of the side porch of Bybee's Historic Inn near Jacksonville Oregon. Bybee's Historic Inn is near the Britt Festival.
Innkeepers Vikki and Tina write: Summer has officially arrived at Bybee’s Historic Inn.  There is not a cloud in the sky and a sweet breeze is teasing all the flowers, the trees and us.... Read More

Culinary tourism in Oregon begins here!

Albany Nosh Tour!Small town Oregon, tons of delicious restaurants, chef's making their "own" creations, using all local ingredients of course!  So, what does one do with resources like that?  Well, we create a food tour of course!  Tastes, sips, bites...a nosh perhaps?

The Albany Nosh Tours began this past June and they were a hit from the get go!  I think we had them at that Traegered prime rib or maybe it was that homemade pasta that Ruby just prepared and filled with buttered butternut squash or maybe it was...Read More

Culinary Tourism Through An Innkeepers Freezer!

This is my kitchen! 

I am an innkeeper! 

I want a new kitchen!

However, I know that patience is a virtue and I am waiting patiently for winter so I can get my new kitchen!

Our inn will be hibernating for a  month or so this winter so we can begin renovating this 1970's, plywood cabineted (is this even a word?), floor tile on the counter mess of a kitchen.  Yeah...the picture isn't too shabby but believe me when I tell you that it really needs a makeover!  Do you hear that "This Old House" people?...Read More

A Culinary Tour Down First Avenue and Antiques In The Streets!

Want a taste of a small town in Oregon this weekend?  Come join us in Albany as we celebrate "ANTIQUES IN THE STREETS!" 

Albany is known for many spectacular things but this event for sure stands out among those of us that LOVE vintage finds, a sweet downtown and very yummy tastes of locally grown and prepared food!

On Saturday, our annual event, "Antiques In The Streets" will begin at 8am!  Our Albany Farmer's Market begins at 9am and is just around the corner from all the festivities!  Our...Read More

Balloons, Elephant Ears and a Culinary's all up in the air!

Next weekend is the award winning Wah Chang NW Art & Air Festival!  The party begins Friday, August 27th and continues through Sunday, August 29th at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Albany, Oregon!

Our balloonist begin floating in to town late next week to prepare for their hot air festivities!  Join us as we celebrate the stunning "Balloon Night Glow" while enjoying Curtis Salgado. "America" will be our entertainment on the MAIN STAGE Saturday evening!  Celebrating their 40th anniversary tour,...Read More

Culinary Tourism in Strata!

Googling the word, "strata," I found that it can mean many things.  A geological formation, the former name of a rock band, it's a recipe and a name of a company!  I'm not sure why this recipe is named "Strata" except that in this photograph, you can kind of see why perhaps because of the way it rises as it's squeezed out of it's perfect boundaries while baking.

This is a very easy recipe and again one of those we have twisted around, added to and played with till we got it right.  Simple,...Read More

Culinary Tourism...a "nosh" tour in the Willamette Valley!

Oh my, where do I begin?

I was born in SoCal on a warm dry day in 1961. Ok...skipping ahead a few years.... I watched as my grandmother pounded the heck out of a steak. She was a tiny thing but man could she pound the heck out of that beef. And, she was one of those kinds of women that could pull a few items out of her pantry and prepare a feast. Now my Jewish grandmother on my mom's side, another important influence in the kitchen, she told a totally different story. Couldn't understand a word...Read More

Culinary Tourism in the state of Oregon!...baked brie and caprese!

Not sure I would want this guy in my garden but I loved going to our local nursery last week!

Looking for all kinds of herbs to plant in our garden has been fun this year.  Our usual Sweet and Thai Basil will steal the show in all our breakfasts at our inn but this year we are looking for those unusual herbs that add a taste that's new and fresh!

There are a few of my favorite summertime recipes below that I hope you make, enjoy and share with your friends.  Around here when the sun is shining,...Read More

Culinary Tourism in Oregon Takes You To The Coffee Shop!

"Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. They are seeds of coffee cherries that grow on trees in over 70 countries. Green unroasted coffee is one of the most traded agricultural commodities in the world. Due to its caffeine content, coffee can have a stimulating effect in humans. Today, coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide." per Wikipedia when googling "coffee!"

And according to a National Geographic take on...Read More

Social Innkeepers, Culinary Tourism and the OBBG Annual Meeting in Ashland Oregon

So here we are--social innkeepers engaging in a little culinary tourism in Ashland Oregon as part of our Annual Meeting of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild.  We started the day with touring some wonderful Ashland Oregon lodging facilities:  Ashland Springs Hotel, Winchester Inn, Chanticleer Bed & Breakfast, the Romeo Inn, Albion Inn, Shrew's House Bed & Breakfast, the Ashland Royal Carter House, Oak Hill B&B and Country Willows Inn Bed and Breakfast.

Most of these inns were withing walking...Read More

Oregon Farmer's Market...a lesson in culinary tourism!

Can you say sustainable travel?...can you utter culinary tourism?...or can you blurt..."wow...I've never seen veggies this green before!" began on March 20th in Portland!  It's Spring here and it's time for our Oregon Farmers Markets to sprout up all over the state and share their stuff!  Flowers, veggies, name it and you can find it.  From now till deep in to autumn, you can drive in to just about any Oregon town, city or region and find a farmers market! 

Throughout this...Read More

A Northwest Culinary Tour! day as a foodie in Portland, Oregon.

Patrick, Mary and Cacao's!Sipping chocolate at Cacao's near The Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland was only the beginning of our "Epicurean Tour" last Saturday!  In the works for months, Portland Walking Tours teamed up with a few very interested Oregon innkeepers and we headed out to devour the city!

Led by Bob, tour guide with Portland Walking Tours, we covered about 2 mi. of ground.  And thank goodness we did because it helped walk off all the extra bread I ate at Pearl Bakery!...well, I had help! After donning the...Read More

A very cheesy post from your favorite lodging in Oregon (bed and breakfast, that is)

Sometimes I just can't help myself when I find something amusing on the internet.  Who doesn't like Tillamook cheese?  It's hard not to enjoy something so uniquely Oregon.  You'll find Tillamook cheese in use from our Astoria Oregon bed and breakfast inns to the Bend Oregon bed and breakfast inns and even all the way to the Prospect Historic Hotel (our Crater Lake lodging member). 

So here's the new video from Tillamook Cheese as they take their Loaf Love Tour.  The website's entertaining too,...Read More

Where to Eat (and Sleep) in Wine Country

Grant Butler, writing for The Oregonian on November 17, 2009, weaves a wonderful article about where to eat in Wine Country.  And he's got some great suggestions:

"Winter is one of the best times to discover the subtle side of wine country. With the exception of Thanksgiving weekend's open houses, tasting rooms are typically less crowded than during the peak of the summer season. So you can sip at a more leisurely pace, asking questions and building your knowledge of what makes prized pinots so... Read More

Things to see and do in Northeastern Oregon in August

Thinking about a quick vacation?  There are plenty of things to see and do in Northeastern Oregon in August--especially in Wallowa County.  Here's a suggestion for the weekend of August 22 and 23:

Wallowa Resources First Annual Barn Dance Fundraiser
  • Saturday, August 22, 5:30 pm to 10 pm
  • 5:30 pm social hour with wine tasting
  • 6:30 pm dinner catered by Beth Gibans of Backyard Gardens featuring plenty of fresh, local ingredients (Oregon culinary tourism at the grass roots)
  • Dance to Country Band "Diverse"...
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Today Spring, Tomorrow Summer. A Weekend of Culinary Experiences From My Garden!

Basil and Cilantro growing in our garden at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn, Albany, Oregon.Today it's Spring and tomorrow is the first day of Summer.  For those of you that know how lovely our summers are here in Oregon, know that this is the perfect place for fun in the sun, eating really good food and of course enjoying a night or two at one of Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild's membership inns.  We always set the standards high but with all the garden treasures this time of year, culinary tourism at our our Oregon Bed and Breakfasts is at it's peak!

Some of us innkeeper types are...Read More

What Does Wine Tasting In The Willamette Valley and The Spruce Goose Have In Common?

Aviation Museum, Mc Minnville, OregonSo, what does the Aviation Museum in McMinnville and wine tasting have in common?  Hopefully nothing and everything! 

All located within a few miles of each other, the Aviation Museum that houses the Spruce Goose among many other airplanes, space capsules and rockets, makes for wine tasting in the Willamette Valley quite the perfect pairing.

My family from Arizona and California visiting this week wanted to experience something new, something tasty and something very "Oregon", so I made a list!...Read More

Hittin' The Road In Oregon And Eatin' Pizza For Breakfast!

Guests at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn, Albany, OregonIt's that time of year!  If you haven't already sat down with your family, your honey or your best friend and planned your summer vacation, do it now! 

This motorcycle and side car husband and wife were our guests recently at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn.  So much fun and what a cool bike!  From San Luis Obispo to Ashland then here to Albany.  These lovely guests were the first of many to bike or bicycle to this area of the Willamette Valley this season.  From now until the leaves fall in late...Read More