Breakfast Guests at Bybee's Historic Inn

You just never know who is going to show up for a meal when you own a thriving Oregon bed and breakfast.  South yard of Bybee's Historic Inn in Jacksonville OR near Ashland Oregon lodgingVikki at Bybee's Historic Inn in Jacksonville, Oregon, shares a little bit about some of their unusual breakfast guests:

We have some interesting guests that just arrived.
A mother robin has acquired accommodations on our side porch where our guests enter to the bed and breakfast.  The picture is not the clearest but I cannot get too close without scaring her.  Mother Robin at Bybee's Historic Inn near Ashland OR in Jacksonville OregonWe have a “boot” that has succulent plants in it  and it sits on top of a metal box on the wall,  the nest is snuggled in next to the boot.....the nest was used last year and we left it because it was so cute.  A few weeks ago we started finding a mess of grass and twigs on the floor under the box then noticed her coming and going.....a couple of days ago we saw her feeding the babies, they reach their necks high enough that we can easily see their fuzzy little heads.  The sweetest part of this is the nest is located just outside our dining room window, so guests can observe the activities while enjoying breakfast. 

We have had a lot of visits from the wildlife this spring....our resident Canadian geese wandered through one morning with 5 goslings, a mallard duck and his mate have been swimming in our Koi pond every afternoon, I think they have a nest close by, and the other day a jack rabbit was lounging in the sun on our front lawn....spring is trying to arrive!

Thanks for the "interesting guest" update!  If you're looking for romantic weekend getaways consider Bybee's Historic Inn on the outskirts of the quaint town of Jacksonville, Oregon. 

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