Forest Springs Bed and Breakfast in Gresham becomes a Movie Set

Patrick Arbuckle
Owner & Innkeeper
Forest Springs B&B @ Historic Heiney House
Guest Blogger

Michael Conner Humphreys and some of the cast and crew of Pathfinders: In the Company of Strangers on location at Forest Springs Bed and Breakfast @ the Historic Heiney House near Portland Oregon in GreshamForest Springs Bed and Breakfast in Gresham was recently used as a filming location.  

For three days Hollywood (or at least Portland’s Version) occupied Forest Springs Bed and Breakfast.  Michael Conner Humphreys (Young Forest Gump) was our guest during the shoot and together with Portland Independent Films, they shot 3 scenes from their upcoming movie.

"Pathfinders: In The Company of Strangers" is set in WWII England and France. As well as having a featured role in the Movie, Conner directed a few scenes. The Story centers around a volunteer unit of American paratroopers whose mission is to land in the heart of enemy territory, and survive long enough to direct the coming airborne invasion of Normandy. Their only hope for survival lies in remaining undiscovered, successfully marking the drop zones, and holding off the enemy until the ensuing invasion arrives.

The cast and crew were an absolute delight and despite the lights, cables, people, props and general chaos, they left the Bed and Breakfast as they had found it.  Look for the Movie's release sometime in late 2010.

Thank you, Patrick, for this current news!  Forest Springs B&B @ the Historic Heiney House in Gresham is an ideal location for recapturing the old while enjoying the new.  This unique Portland Oregon bed and breakfast is located in one of the remaining original historic homes in Gresham with extensive gardens.  Updated with an historic flair, guests enjoy Patrick's warm hospitality.  Meals are all prepared from scratch--slow food style--using the highest quality ingredients.  Forest Springs B&B is one of the favorite Portland Oregon wedding sites.  Patrick is a leader in Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild's Green Certification Program.  Consider this Portland Oregon lodging when planning your visit to the Pacific Northwest.

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