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Guest blogger Pepper McColgan from Belle Pepper's Bed and Breakfast in Joseph, Oregon shares what's going on in her little piece of the world:

Spring is coming! You can tell by the little things.  There is more ground showing than snow, the trees have tiny buds that are thinking of swelling up, and the air is just a bit warmer.  We do have to keep in mind that we are not through with winter’s cold and snow but it’s time to look toward spring.

My garden planning is in full swing.  Note I said planning.  At 4100 feet in northeast Oregon planning is all we’re doing.  Seed choices have been made and ordered and seed starting equipment has been located and cleaned for a new season.  Looking back on last year’s garden has provided hints for changes.  There are always changes. New veggies to try, different places to put them and new methods of growing them.

Oregon Bed & Breakfast in Joseph Oregon at Belle Pepper's B&BThis year for the first time we have baby goats to look forward to.  Our milk goat Ginny is big with kid(s).  Goats often have twins or triplets.  I’m not entirely sure how many babies I really want, but the reality is I have no control over this particular event.  Whether the birth goes smoothly or we get multiple kids is a mystery.  We are certainly looking forward to fresh sweet milk again.  It’s been a couple of long months with out it.  Our guests can only enjoy the goats themselves and have to forgo the milk and cheese.

Our beautiful chickens provide fresh tasty eggs that our guests do enjoy.  It’s perfect that when we have the most guests the chickens are laying generous amounts of eggs.  It is great fun to watch the “girls” when they get the kitchen scraps.  They get really excited and can polish of large amounts of goodies quickly.

This time of year is great for enjoying the excitement of spring and savoring the pleasures of winter as well.  The snowshoeing and cross country skiing are still wonderful fun.  Some days you can be snowshoeing in radiant sunshine.  It is beautiful.  The next day you can be getting the barn ready for new babies.  How great is that?

Lodging in Oregon at Belle Pepper's B&B in Joseph Oregon

Belle Pepper's Bed & Breakfast is a great choice for lodging in Oregon if you'd like to slow down and enjoy nature's rhythms.  Tucked away in the far corner of Northeastern Oregon, this is one of the Oregon bed and breakfasts where you can wander the extensive property, talk to the farm animals, pull a weed or two in the garden. . .perhaps even collect the eggs before your morning's breakfast.  Bring the kids too--they'd love meeting Ginny and her new babies.

The historic inn features three well-appointed guest rooms, all with private baths and summertime air-conditioning.  Give Pepper a call today at 1-866-432-0490 and start planning your own Eastern Oregon vacation.

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