Northwest Culinary Enthusiasts Need Sharp Knives!

If you're a Pacific Northwest culinary enthusiast or an Oregon slow food fan then you know the value of sharp knives.  I rarely blog directly about guests staying at our northeastern Oregon bed and breakfast, but this is definitely a shameless promotion for one of our recent guests.

Orca II by Michael Keller White Eagle Studios Chelan WAMichael Keller of White Eagle Studios in Chelan, Washington, recently stayed at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast in Joseph, OR.  When he made his reservation he told me he was a woodcarver who was branching out into bronze statues and was working with one of our local artistic bronze foundries.  He was coming to Joseph to work with the patineur at Parks Bronze Foundry, pick up his completed bronzes and drop off more woodcarvings for casting.

What he didn't tell me (and what I found out from his website) is that Michael Keller also is a knife sharpener extraordinaire!  Everything from kitchen knives to hunting knives, scissors and shears to woodcarving chisels and gouges.  It makes complete sense--a master woodcarver needs very SHARP tools. 

I sent him home with our abused serrated blade tomato knife, knowing that he'll be back to work with Parks Bronze once again.  He even does pinking shears!

If you'd like to see those home-based Oregon culinary experiences improve, give Michael a shout and see about shipping him your knives.  Better yet, plan a trip to beautiful Lake Chelan, WA, and drop them off yourself!

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