Of interest to B&B guests who knit. . .

The stop-action animation film "Coraline" was recently released in Portland and Ashland, Oregon, with a big opening night party in Portland.  It's an Oregon-based film, created by Oregon company Laika and set partly in Ashland Oregon.  The story revolves around a little girl who finds a parallel world existing through a door in her apartment. 

Now, I haven't seen it yet and it'll probably be awhile before it comes anywhere near my bed & breakfast in the far eastern part of the state (Joseph Oregon), but I did read about the tiny, tiny sweaters and mittens used in the film.  Here's a video interviewing the knitter, Althea Crome, posted by the Oregonian writer Peggy McMullen.  Peggy's article is more in depth, but the video sums it up beautifully:


Hopefully our Ashland members of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild will weigh in with how much the scenes in Coraline resemble the town.  It's a little early to tell, but watch for comments to this post.

Knitting is a great activity for a comfortable, cozy spot--like in front of the fireplace in a beautifully appointed living or sitting room.  Or maybe out in the sun porch.  Many of our bed & breakfasts have these kinds of spaces.  A glance through our on-line directory will show you where.

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