Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild Comment Cards--Use 'Em (Please)!

comment about your stay at Seaside Oregon lodging or Portland Oregon lodgingThe Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild provides OBBG Comment Cards to its member Oregon bed and breakfasts and encourages the inns to put them out where the guests will use them.

Many bed and breakfasts put return postage on the comments cards so they'll go straight to the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild administrator without the guest doing a thing except dropping the card in a mailbox.

Here are the things asked about on the comment card (all open-ended):
  • Meal Quality
  • Service/Hospitality
  • Cleanliness and Safety
  • Other Comments
  • (Optional) Name & Address of Guest
And then there's the catch-all comment:  "If I could change ONE THING about my stay, it would be. . ."

The Guild uses these cards to keep track of how members are doing.  If a guest identifies something unsatisfactory, the comment card is referred to the Guild's Membership Chairperson for followup with the member inn.

As an Oregon Bed & Breakfast owner I find these cards very instructional and use them to inform my customer service.  Every now and then a guest (anonymous or not) suggests an improvement we can act upon.  More often, guests comment about how happy or delighted they were with their stay.

We do our best to find out from the guests during their stay about how well they are pleased with our bed and breakfast.  The OBBG Comment Card is often an affirmation of what we already know in general. 

Comment Card for Oregon Bed & Breakfast GuildBut sometimes guests aren't comfortable mentioning what they didn't like about their stay.  The Comment Card gives them a way to let the Guild know--and the innkeeper know too--either anonymously or with name provided--what the issue was.

The next time you choose to stay in an Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild member inn as your Portland Oregon lodging, Ashland Oregon lodging, or wherever you stay, be sure to comment about your experience--on the Comment Card or directly to the innkeeper.  We thrive on knowing how we can improve the quality of your lodging experience!

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