Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild turns 100!

Well, it's the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild blog that actually turns 100--and a little more.  Since we started blogging in January 2009, the three "official" bloggers of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild have cranked out actually a little over 100 posts for your reading pleasure.

And we've had a few guests bloggers too, like Mike from The Craftsman Bed & Breakfast--a great alternative to Oregon coast hotels in Pacific City.  And there's Pepper McColgan from Belle Pepper's Bed & Breakfast--way out on the other side of the state in Joseph.

If you use the search block at the right side and near the top of this blog page, you can search for most every town where there's an Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild member and learn something about that place.  Or read about upcoming events.  Or some great recipes.  Or some great places to visit in Oregon.  Or the things that innkeepers think about.  You decide.  There's a lot of ground we've covered and more to come!

Give us a spin.  If you're an innkeeper of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild, send us a post and we'll publish it for you.  If you're a guest-to-be, use this blog to learn more than what's on our websites.  We have nearly 90 members of our bed and breakfast in Oregon guild, and you'll find our diversity as you explore our members.


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