StillTasty: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide

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Rickie, our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild administrator, recently made me aware of a very interesting and informative website-- StillTasty: Your Ultimate Shelf Life Guide.  It's a virtual treasure trove of well sourced information!
  • How long will beverages or food stay safe and tasty?
  • "Keep it or toss it?" (I love this tab)
  • Questions answered for a whole variety of foods (can you freeze raw eggs?) 
  • "Shelf Talk" with topics like the meaning of that date on the package.
Of course, being the Thanksgiving Day season, the lead question deals with the best way to store different parts of the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner and how long is it safe to eat.  A very important question!

Today you're probably at home enjoying Thanksgiving with family and friends.   Drop in on StillTasty before sitting down to your Thanksgiving meal and you'll undoubtedly be ready with an interesting topic of conversation!

Some of you might take your Thanksgiving on the road and spend it at your favorite lodging in Oregon (like one of your favorite Oregon bed and breakfasts).   Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, and think about making StillTasty a favorite for your food storage questions! 

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