Sunday morning breakfast challenge

When you own and operate a bed and breakfast in Oregon, you often become a master of accommodation (and not just in lodging).  Culinary expertise is a requirement because sometimes you're going to flex in ways you hadn't imagined to hit that bullseye. 

On the other side, lodging in Oregon can be a challenge for some people with particular eating requirements, but chances are good you can find a willing bed and breakfast in Oregon that'll meet your needs.

Here's a breakfast challenge for you:

Imagine you have eight individuals coming to your breakfast table tomorrow and you want to serve them a healthy breakfast that you know they'll enjoy.  Sounds easy, doesn't it? 

Here's what an Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild member faced recently as she was preparing for a Sunday breakfast.

The guests:

1 = Vegetarian - not clear if they eat fish or eggs
2 = No red meat or pork
1 = No gluten
1 = No wheat
1 = No dairy
1 = No mixing grains with fruit.  (For example, a pancake but no fruit or juice with it.)
No veggies.   No eggs.    We finally agreed perhaps he should eat his cereal he brought with as the home made buttermilk biscuits I am making might not be to his liking and he would never have a fruit jam on them.
1 = No peppers, mild, hot or otherwise.  

Oh, BTW  they all want to sample my cooking!    Gads.

Who says our B&Bs are not accommodating?

What do you think was served that day?

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