Think you have what it takes to be an Innkeeper? This course is for you!

Want to open a Bend Oregon Bed and Breakfast?  Thinking about Crater Lake lodging?  Ashland Oregon lodging?  If you're serious, then an in-depth bed and breakfast training program might be just what you need.  And there's one coming up in the Pacific Northwest very soon.  Bed and Breakfast Seminars is a new venture of two Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild innkeepers and endorsed by the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild.

Guest blogger Diane Emineth tells the story:

Oregon Coast lodging owner Diane EminethTwo Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild innkeepers, Diane Emineth of Sandlake Country Inn and Debbie Dersham of Eagle Rock Lodge are combining their years of innkeeping and mentoring experience to create the Pacific Northwest's first 3 night/4 day intensive Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar. The first seminar will be at the beautiful Eagle Rock Lodge April 5-8, 2009.  
Diane and Debbie saw a real need for an extensive seminar in the Pacific NW.  Their desire is to equip aspiring and new Bed and Breakfast owners with the information and tools that they will need in order to have a successful and sustainable Bed and Breakfast.  The burnout rate in this industry is very high (7.5 years) and they both feel that if new innkeepers are better informed and prepared, these percentages can decrease
In these unsteady economic times, many people are considering changing careers. Is this a good time to buy a bed and breakfast?

"Yes!" says Rick Newman, Managing Partner of Bed and Breakfast Financing.  "It's a great time to buy!" Newman says. "Don't be discouraged by the Doom & Gloom in the media, Inns that can document a profitable history can be financed, even in this market."
It's frightening and exciting all at the same time to change your life and live your dream.  Be armed with the knowledge before you buy or start your own B&B.  Learn from the experts the pitfalls both financial and personal by experienced innkeepers before you spend your life's savings!  They will also share with you some of the amazingly wonderful experiences of interacting with guests and how rewarding a life as an innkeeper can be.

Oregon wedding sites owner Debbie DershamFrom personal experience for Debbie, her first year as an inn owner was a combination of "deer in the headlights and a train wreck."  But through education through the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild and a great mentor, Diane Emineth, Debbie is living out her dream career as a successful Bed and Breakfast owner.  Diane and Debbie would like to share their knowledge and expertise with up and coming Innkeepers. 

For more information about the seminars, go to their website at or call them.  They'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about attending their seminar.  Contact Diane Emineth at 503-965-6745.  Contact Debbie Dersham at 541-822-3630.


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