What to do when you lose an old tree? How about Oregon wedding sites?

Old maple tree on the grounds of Bybee's Historic Inn Jacksonville OR before the transformation.Bed and breakfasts are such wonderful places.  And bed and breakfast owners are special people interested in the properties they transform into B&Bs.  Many inns are located in historically significant homes and the owners do what they can to maintain the character of the house and its surroundings.

It's been said that B&B owners have done more for the preservation of older and/or historic homes in the United States through their preservation efforts than have the preservation societies (perhaps a topic for another discussion).

Here's a story submitted by Vikki Lynn and Tina Marie of Bybee's Historic Inn near Jacksonville in Southern Oregon.

We recently were forced to cut down an old maple tree that we figure to be over 154 years old.  He graced our sidewalk and shaded our porch.  We adorned this beautiful tree with flowers at its base along with a “gnome door” and a face to help bring out his character. 

Rescued maple tree trunk at Bybee's Historic Inn Jacksonville Oregon and one of the Oregon wedding sitesWe did everything possible over the last 5 years to save this beautiful friend so it was very devastating to think of losing his graceful presence.....so we decided to keep his stump at 8’ so that his face could still shine and then we gave him a “top hat”.   His hat also provides a home for beautiful flowering plants.   He gives us a lot of pleasure every time we look at him and we hope it brings a smile to everyone who sees him.

It could just be off thought, but I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that Mr. Maple is about to start his new life as an Oregon wedding guest or perhaps as a wedding party participant.  Can't you see the bridal party posing with this fine fellow?  Check out Oregon wedding sites five years from now and I'll bet he shows up in quite a few photos!

If you're looking for Oregon wedding sites, keep Bybee's Historic Inn under consideration.  On 3 1/2 acres with plenty of gazebos and verandas, there's room for 150 wedding guests.  And I'm thinking that Mr. Maple would be proud to stand for your wedding photos!

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