Whodunit at Bybee's Historic Inn? Bring your group and find out!

Authentic Oregon  inn near Ashland Oregon lodging.  Bybee's Historic Inn is perfect for your murder mystery event.  Whodunit in the parlor?  Bring your friends and find out!Looking for something new and different to do with a group of friends?  Maybe need an out-of-the-box team building experience for your small company?  Bybee's Historic Inn, an authenic Oregon lodging property not far from Ashland Oregon lodging, will host a Murder Mystery Dinner on Saturday night, June 4, 2011.

Here's what Vikki tells us about the evening:

Wild West Murder Mystery Dinner on June 4th.
A group of friends will join together to become re-created infamous characters such as Doc Galladay, James Jesse, Calamity Janie and Abby Oakley, just to name a few.  The slayings of the last three sheriffs in Jacksonville brings everyone together in hopes of bringing some order to this lawless town.  Guests put on their western attire, step back in time and help solve the mystery of the murder of one of their own.  While the mystery is being solved, there are tasks to be done and games to be played.  Grub and spirits are served while many clues are uncovered.  While it may seem to be a very serious situation, there is no shortage of fun and laughter. 
After the mystery is solved, everyone relaxes in the parlor or retires to their rooms revitalized and feeling the youth-full play of days gone by.  The morning is greeted with a 3 course gourmet breakfast where they relive the fun from the night before.

near Ashland Oregon lodging.  Bybees Historic Inn is perfect for large group events including Murder Mystery dinners, romantic Oregon weddings, baby showers, birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrationsThe evening is designed for at least 10 participants, so bring your friends, your relatives or your coworkers (Or all of the above if you want a really big party.)

Cost for the evening's entertainment is $75 per person, including dinner, gratuity and interactive entertainment.  Some wardrobe items will be available, but hey, this is Oregon--bring along your authentic clothing for some Western fun!

Overnight lodging at Bybee's Historic Inn is extra--but with so many rooms to choose from there'll be one right for you.  And if your group is exceptionally large, consider overflow lodging down the street at the TouVelle House, another one of the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild unique inns in the area.

Call Vikki toll-free at (877) BYBEESINN to arrange your party!  And let us know who did it!

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