Why Business Travelers Should Choose a Bed and Breakfast Over a Hotel

Want to know why business travelers should choose an Oregon bed and breakfast over a hotel?  Lots of reasons!  Of course, every bed & breakfast is different and that's the beauty of staying at a B&B. Some are more accustomed to business travel, but all are gracious and accommodating.  Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  1. Comfortable bed (and great pillows)
  2. Home atmosphere (yes it's fine to take off your shoes & stretch out)
  3. A place to spread out your work if you need to (dining room table in the evening with a glass of wine in your hand?)
  4. Free Wi-Fi always (always, always free!)
  5. Maps, local contacts, restaurant recommendations (we really do live here not just work here like the front desk clerk often does)
  6. Cooked breakfast prepared for you when you want it (and coffee or tea too)
  7. Peace & quiet (a big plus--sometimes with a TV in the room, sometimes not)
  8. Especially for women traveling alone, someone who at least knows if you don't make it home at night (your mom away from mom)

Isn't it funny how many chain hotels are now offering breakfast, free Wi-Fi, etc.?  Wonder where they got the idea? 

Here's a recent comment in a room journal from a business traveler who spends about 75% to 80% of her time on the road calling on clients:

"After spending 4 out of 5 nights a week in "tract" hotels--what a wonderful break! The bed was spectacular (my back says THANK YOU!) and the robe so comfy.  Breakfast was such a treat.  I'll be back and be sure to let my fellow road warrior know about you.  Bravo!! See you soon - KB

Sure you can stay at the Salem Oregon hotels or the Portland Oregon hotels, for instance, but why choose a hotel when you can stay at a bed & breakfast?  Expand your radar and put us on the map.  You won't be sorry.  Oh, and if you need a little more convincing to think "bed and breakfast" when you travel on business, hope you enjoyed the video courtesy of the Better Way To Stay campaign.

See you at your next Oregon bed and breakfast!

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