Yard Sale Your Way through Southern Oregon in September 2011

Ready for some fun?  Vikki and Tina Marie at Bybee's Historic Inn in Jacksonville, Oregon, are prepared for yard sale shopping visitors.  If you haven't yet booked your room at this authentic Oregon lodging, you'd best given them a call!

Jacksonville is getting ready for their “whole town yard sale”.  This is a big deal, we have guests that come and stay the weekend just for this event.  It starts Saturday, Sept 10th, 2011, and goes through Sunday Sept. 11th.  The sellers will have most everything set up Friday night to be ready for the early bird “pickers”. 

Visitors from Los Angeles to Vancouver come for this event. It's almost never advertised, just word-of-mouth. People all over town put out their treasures, artists seconds, or retail over-buys. Come join the fun!!  If you are looking for treasures, don’t miss this weekend! 
As a reminder Saturday Sept. 10th is also “History Saturday in the cemetery” where stories of the pioneers of Jacksonville will be shared.  For more information all all the upcoming events in Jacksonville, go to the Chamber website, 

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