3 Capes Scenic Route on the Stunning Oregon Coast

Our innkeepers are so very talented and creative.  Not only do they provide unique bed and breakfast accommodations, delightful breakfasts and all the amenities to present a unique lodging experience, we also spend time exploring our regions so as to have the very best local information for our guests.  Where to watch the best sunset, see a magnificent waterfall, the best stroll on the beach or hike in our forest.  We've been here and done that!  That's what makes staying at a member inn of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild the perfect getaway.  Whether it be only for a night or an extended weekend.  

This video was created by Diane Emineth, Innkeeper of the Sandlake Country Inn, to be shared with her guests and with her permission, to all of you.  Located just 10 minutes north of Pacific City, is this secret hideaway nestled on the scenic Oregon coast. The historic farmhouse built from shipwrecked bridge timbers in 1894, is located in a country setting approximately 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Enjoy the video and thanks, Diane.

The innkeepers of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild on the Oregon Coast are ready to assist you in planning your getaway.  Any time of year is a beautiful time to visit the Coast.

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Name: Sandlake Country Inn
Time: Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thank you OBBG for sharing our video with others. One of the mistakes that travelers make is to make their journey on the Oregon Coast and never leave hwy #101. The Oregon coast is filled with an outstanding number of natural wonders, but to see most of them travelers need to take time, get out of their cars and explore the hidden gems of our amazing coast. Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring, there's always something amazing to see along the 3 Capes Scenic Route!

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