B&B Accommodations for your Oregon Bird Watching Adventure

Birding in Oregon is amazing.  Especially this time of year when activity along the major flyways increase and the spring rituals in our habitats and backyard resume.  The Oregon Cascade Birding Trail (OCBT) is a great place to begin your birding adventure.  From there you can decide where you'd like to visit.  When you have made that decision turn to the website for the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild and I am sure you will find an inn close by.

Focus on the Willamette Valley today.  I found an amazing number of birding locations in Salem, Oregon.  Salem is a leader in urban forestry, with tree-lined streets and 40 city parks.  The capitol of Oregon, Salem is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley alongside the Willamette River so no wonder are many birding sites in it's backyard. 

Known for its fertile land with orchards, vineyards and rolling grass fields nestled between the snow-capped volcanic peaks of the Cascade Mountains and the forests of the Coast Range, the Willamette Valley offers an abundance of birds and bird habitats and the Willamette Valley Birding Trail will take you there.

The State of Oregon is a bird watchers paradise.  There are extensive reserves and habitats that serve as excellent nesting and brood rearing areas for waterfowl and colonial nesting birds including American white pelican and several heron species. Many of our Member Inns have habitats on their grounds or are located near land ideal for birding.  Grab your binoculars, choose an inn, and set out on your bird watching adventure.

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