Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge ~ A Favorite Oregon Geotourism Site

From nearly every viewpoint on the Oregon coast, colossal rocks can be seen jutting out of the Pacific Ocean creating postcard images.  
Tufted Puffin on the Oregon CoastEach of these rocks is protected as part of Oregon Islands National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge includes 1,853 small islands, rocks, and reefs plus two headlands, totaling 371 acres spanning 320 miles of Oregon's coastline from the Oregon–California border to Tillamook Head.

This is a place where eight of America's most beautiful wild and scenic rivers tumble down through towering forests of Douglas fir, Port Orford cedar,myrtlewood and redwoods creating tidal estuaries, long sandy beaches and coastal islands.  The Siulsaw National Forest has 4 major rivers flowing through onto the Pacific Ocean.  It also provides many Oregon coast B&B lodging options.  More about that in a minute.

All of the island acreage is designated National Wilderness, with the exception of 1-acre Tillamook Rock and Lighthouse, so public access is restricted but there are spectacular viewing opportunities at numerous locations along the coast.

The Oregon Coast Birding Trail website includes a birding checklist that shows 250 birds most likely to be seen along the scenic seascapes of the Central and South Oregon Coast.  It also includes trail guides with maps and site descriptions for over 50 sites. 

WildSpring Guest Habitat for Green Lodging on the Oregon Coast
Central Oregon coast lodging options are plenty from Lincoln City, to Depoe Bay, to Newport and then to Florence.    South Coast lodging options include the unique inns of Coos Bay and Port Orford.

You'll find that you can bird-watch on the Oregon Coast for days and hop from one Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild  member inn to another from Astoria to Port Orford.

Sea watches on the Pacific Coast are best conducted in the morning with the sun at your back.

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