Green is the New Black

No longer is the day that luxury and pampered attention is the stuff of waste and non-sustainability.  Oregon Bed and Breakfasts, as part of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild, have established a green certification program.

Launched shortly after the 2008 Bed and Breakfast Regional Conference, the pioneers of this program were:

The Blue Plum Inn, in Portland;
Forest Springs in Gresham;
Nob Hill Riverview in Saint Helens;
Sandlake Country Inn near Tillamook;
Belle Pepper's in Joseph:
Old Parkdale Inn in Parkdale.

Other inns are soon to follow ensuring Green stays in every region of Oregon.

Number of State Level Green Programs Now at 16 and Counting
The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild was recently mentioned in a Hospitality Trends article.  "They are certainly not all uniform and some are managed better than others but the number of state level green lodging programs is increasing.  There are now at least 16 states that have some type of green lodging program".

Next time you want to pamper you and yours without checking your conscience at the door, choose a green inspected Inn of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild

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