Oregon Bounty Wanderfeast - A Culinary Vacation through Oregon

Leave it to Travel Oregon to create a clever, catchy word or phrase.  First it was Oregon Bounty.  Then it was Cuisinternship.  Now Wanderfeast. What in the world is Wanderfeast?

"It’s a thing we made up because there are just no words to describe what it’s like to spend the harvest season following your taste buds on a quest to procure the best of Oregon’s flavors at their peak.  From the wine crush in Applegate Valley to the chanterelles hiding in the Coast Range to the fish and game that frolic in every nook and cranny of Oregon, ten top chefs will chase after ten of Oregon’s finest epicurean products. It’s ten weeks of foodie bliss, from one end of Oregon to the other."

And you’re invited to come along.  Enter to win an Oregon Bounty Wanderfeast.  First you must design your own Wanderfeast then choose a regional experience to complete your itinerary. 

Enter Wanderfeast and possibly win a Culinary Vacation of a lifetime.  And we encourage you to create your own Oregon Culinary experience by visiting the member inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfat Guild.  Our innkeepers take breakfast seriously, serving freshly ground coffee, more often than not roasted locally, along with sweet and savory delights created from the very best of what our Oregon producers have to offer.  You might be treated to homemade scones or a fresh frittata with fresh vegetables and herbs from our gardens or a local farmers market.  Ginger poached pears, crab souffles.  Oregon's Bounty is as endless as our imagination so you are sure to experience a culinary delight at our breakfast tables.

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