Oregon Innkeeper Indulges in New Mexico Chocolates

Oh My Goodness!!  This was too much fun.....and oh so elegant!  While looking for walking tours in Santa Fe we found the Chocolate Lover's Odyssey on the Santa Fe Visitors Bureau website and off we went to indulge in Selection of Chocolates from Todos Santos in Santa Fe New Mexicosome amazing chocolates!!

First stop....Todos Santos, located in a little courtyard off the Santa Fe Plaza.  This tiny shop filled with hand made chocolates will tantalize your senses.  Since there were three of us we have three favorites.....Steve, caramel... Liane's, cardamon chocolate, Mine the rose flavored truffle.   Oh, and a red chili chocolate truffle.

We visited a few more but our last stop was our favorite.  Kakawa Chocolate House specializes in hand-crafted European and Meso-American Aztec drinking chocolates.  We again choose a combination of truffles and dark molded Cup-O-Chocolate desisngchocolates and proceeded to melt into a corner of this tiny shop!  I swooned over a anise truffle and Steve the orange blossom molded chocolate.  Liane had an chocolate elixer that was quite amazing.

Although both shops hand made their chocolates on-site, Todos Santos also had packaged chocolates from all over the world and one was Portland, Oregon's own Moonstruck Chocolates
Portland has its share of delectable chocolate shops.  The Portland members of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild are sure to have their favorites and would love to share them with you.   Enjoy!

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