Stock up on Holiday Wines from the Distinct Viticultural Areas of Oregon

Thanksgiving weekend's open houses in Oregon offer a great chance to discover the wines of Oregon along with the inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild.  Oregon produces a variety of World Class Wines and OregonLive has revamped their wine maps and listings to specifically focus on the region's distinct American Viticultural Areas (AVAs).  These are the unique wine growing regions that are defined by geographical features, allowing growers to produce more than 70 varieties of wine grapes, with factors like weather and elevation contributing to the unique nature of what's bottled in a specific place. 

The Willamette Valley from Youngberg Hills Vineyard and InnThey didn't limit us to the AVAs that are a close drive from the Portland metro area.  Keep this guide handy for weekend trips to far-flung places, like eastern Oregon and southern Oregon's lush Applegate Valley,  both places to discover that Northwest wines don't begin and end with pinot noir and pinot gris.   They've created a list of Tips for Wine Touring to follow when planning your itinerary.

After you've chosen the AVA go to the website of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild and choose the same region you plan to visit.  With 92 unique inns you're sure to find one in every AVA region.  Choose your AVA, make your bed and breakfast reservation, designate your driver and/or front seat navigator and head out to explore Oregon's Wine Countries and stock up on your Holiday Wines.

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