Travel Oregon Wanderfeast Beer Week ~ Week Three

Another week....another feast!  Wanderfeast, a celebration of food, foodies, and your chance for an authentic Oregon Culinary Vacation.  From the wine crush in Applegate Valley to the chanterelles hiding in the Coast Range to the fish and game that frolic in every nook and cranny of Oregon, ten top chefs will chase after ten of Oregon’s finest epicurean products. It’s ten weeks of foodie bliss, from one end of Oregon to the other.  And you’re invited to come along.

The beer spectrum in Oregon is as varied as the personalities who brew it, from our signature IPAs to deep dark stouts to beers aged like wine. This week brewer and accomplished cook Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog Brewery takes a trip to the hop fields of the Willamette Valley and gets inspiration for the kitchen and his latest brew.

You have to love these "beer" stats taken from the Oregon Brewers Guild Fact Sheet:
  • Oregon is the second largest producer of craft been in the U.S.
  • Oregon is the No. 2 hop growing state in the country.
  • There are currently 78 brewing companies, operating 110 brewing facilities in 48 cities in Oregon, 36 breweries operating in Portland, more than any other city in the world!
Design  your own Wanderfeast and possibly win a Culinary Vacation of a lifetime.  And even if you don't win we encourage you to create your own Oregon Culinary experience by visiting the member inns of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild and planning an Oregon "Beercation"like no other!.  Our innkeepers take breakfast seriously, serving freshly ground coffee, more often than not roasted locally, along with sweet and savory delights created from the very best of what our Oregon producers have to offer.  And with 110 brewing facilities in 48 Oregon cities, I can almost guarantee that, which ever inn you choose, there will be a pub nearby.

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