Oregon Bounty Wanderfeast Week 10 ~ Wine

Having introduced you to Wanderfeast back in August, this 10 week celebration of food, foodies, and your chance for an authentic Oregon Culinary Vacation comes to an end with Wine Week.  From the wine crush in Applegate Valley to the chanterelles hiding in the Coast Range to the fish and game that frolic in every nook and cranny of Oregon, ten top chefs will chase after ten of Oregon’s finest epicurean products. It’s ten weeks of foodie bliss, from one end of Oregon to the other.  And you’re invited to come along.  Here we are, already in Week Eight.  It's all about the Nuts.

A lazy afternoon chatting with a winemaker, some local goat cheese and a just-pulled cork…it’s enough to make you want to chuck the day job and buy some vines. This week chef Tim Keller steps out of his kitchen at Nunan Estate and heads to the vineyards in his Southern Oregon backyard. It’s harvest time, and he’s tracking down a match for his cutting-edge cuisine.


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