Zumwalt Prairie Photography Workshop and an Oregon Bed and Breakfast

The Zumwalt Prairie In Northeastern OregonAwhile back I posted about The Zumwalt Prairie, the 33,000 acre grassland located in Wallowa County in the northeast corner of Oregon.  This wild expanse of nearly 220 square miles is home to 17 species of grassland songbirds, 48 species of butterflies, colonies of Belding's ground squirrels, elk and one of the highest concentrations of breeding hawks and eagles in North America.  A truly amazing North American Prairie.  There are still spaces available to enroll in "The Gifts of Discovery", a Zumwalt Prairie Photography Workshop.   Photographer. Rick McEwan, lives in Wallowa County, frequently explores the Zumwalt Prairie and has been photographing for The Nature Conservancy Magazine during the past four years. This Spring Workshop, set for May 29-31, is the prime time for viewing and the dawn to sunset visit on Saturday, May 30, will provide excellent opportunities.

Barking Mad Farm, a Wallowa County Oregon Bed and Breakfast
Barking Mad Farm, an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild member, will be hosting all meals on the Zumwalt preserve and the Sunday breakfast meeting.  Situated on 42 flat acres in one of the most incredible Alpine locations in the world, you can see for miles in every direction.

Book a room at the Inn and get the best of both worlds, a unique Oregon Lodging experience located at the activities center for this Photography Workshop.  Diane and Hunter will make sure your stay is comfortable and promise to start your day with an amazing, spectacular breakfast.  
Barking Mad Farm, an Oregon Bed and Breakfast, situated on 42 acres in the vast Wallowa River Valley

For registration and more information on the Zumwalt Prairie Photography Workshop contact

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