50 Plates...all 50 States and the rest of the feast found in Portland!

"50 Plates is a restaurant showcasing the cuisine of the American tradition. Of memories real or imagined of grandmothers’ pies, state fair fries, of date shakes and cheese steaks; a Kentucky bourbon fueled culinary road-trip beyond Route 66, from Smithfield Hams to Ipswich Clams. 50 Plates is the best of red states, blue plates, and everything in between."

Nuff said!  This Portland, Oregon restaurant kind of sums up their offerings in one short and very sweet paragraph!  Too late for dinner one evening, we happened upon 50 Plates and decided a margarita and appetizer's sounded perfect.  Chopped Salad with Oregon cheese, apples and nice pork slider for my hubby along with a couple of house margaritas and we were hooked!  A few weeks later we tried 50 Plates again but for dinner this time.  A couple of orders of "Wild Mushroom Stroganoff" and were hooked all over again! 

Slowly eating our way through Portland one restaurant at a time, we have had the opportunity to try just about every type of food but have no where come near to trying even a dozen different places.  I think it's quite possible that Portland, Oregon is the Northwest Culinary capital of the country!  And, attach that awesome title to one of our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild membership inns, and you have the perfect food pairing!

The Heron Haus in the NW district of Portland, The Lion and The Rose B & B and The Cornerstone Bed and Breakfast all of which are in or near Portland, are spanned far enough a part from each other, that one can experience all the tastes of Portland that reach across the Rose City.  Strategically located in very different parts of the city, staying in any one of these inns puts you near some of the best food you'll ever taste!

My faves!...Kenny and Zukes...a Portland Jewish delicatessen with "real" bagels and cream cheese!  Piazza Italia...a place in the Pearl where you could swear you were in Italy the second you walk in the door.  Henry's Tavern is where the beer never stops flowing and the food is absolutely to die for.  Prepare to be so stuffed after dining at Henry's, that you'll have to walk it off!  And then of course 50 Plates.  A big city bistro in the heart of Portland.  Mind you..."my faves" change periodically as we explore even more in to the belly of food beast.  It will be a never ending exploration that will only end we are done.  And hopefully...we won't be done till we're done...well...at least not until we've had dessert!

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