A Bed and Breakfast in Oregon...Forest Springs in Gresham, Oregon!

Following my recipe for fun, we mixed a chef that owns a beautiful B & B in Gresham, a few friends and a few of my family members together and you will not believe what we made!  It was amazing and delicious and spectacular and perfect! 

Two lasagne's later, after the bruschetta and olive tampenade, but during the caprese and the salad then again later when the Dutch Apple Cheesecake Tart came out of the oven...oh my gosh Patrick!  All we could say was, "it was gorgeous, delicious, slice me a big piece and when can we move in?"

My nephew visiting from PA loves cooking and Patrick at Forest Springs Bed and Breakfast in Gresham said "yes" when I asked him a few months ago to give Drew a cooking lesson.  Little did I know that this chef and his student would prepare such an awesome feast.  Homemade pasta, sauce made with onions, peppers, mushrooms and wow...so good!  I couldn't help but peek into the kitchen every now and then to get a picture of these two working together to make our meal.  But I made time to explore Forest Springs and take some photos and I do believe this is one of most gorgeous settings I have ever seen!

Forest Springs is breathtaking in itself as it is perched up on a hill surrounded by 3 acres of Oregon foliage.  Magnificent trees, plants, ponds, garden sheds and the perfect place for a wedding!  And that's a good thing because that is a lot of what goes on at Forest Springs Bed and Breakfast.  Patrick is a talented chef and takes those talents right from the breakfasts he prepares for his guests as they dine in the garden and later as he observes as they wed in that very spot.  A "secret" space of sorts surrounded by peace and tranquility but not too far from civilization and close enough to get right up to the dining table when he calls you for lasagna!

Thank you Patrick and Stan!  You did an awesome job Drew and dinner was delightful surrounded by friends, family, good wine and food and in the middle of an Oregon forest!

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