A Dinner Party, A Wedding or a Weekend Getaway...it's all about the food!

Some may argue, some may actually disagree and some may even deny it.  But, we all know...it's all about the food!

It's that time of year when the daffodils are in full bloom, my "bleeding hearts" have blossomed and the cherry trees smell heavenly around this town.  And, it's that time of year to book your Oregon vacation, plan your wedding or your party at one of our Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild membership inns!

Many of our inns are places for fun events, some are open for a party now and then but mostly we just love our casual guests wanting to get away for a weekend.  No matter your reasons for staying, your innkeepers know that the dining experience is one of the main reasons our guests stay with us.  It's the reason they come back and probably the reason they tell their friends about us too.  Some of our innkeepers have professional experience in the kitchen.  Chef's, Bakers, you name it and some of us have probably done it! 

Specializing in local sustainable practices is the goal when planning our meals here at my inn as well as most inn's around The Willamette Valley.  Some of us have the pleasure of being posed in the middle of the most fertile land in the county.  Sitting high among the hills in wine country, resting in our nests amid hazelnut orchards or placed perfectly downtown in a town where "food" is the "word!"  Yes, it's all about the beauty of the feast.  Where can we go to find that perfect meal?  Innkeepers say...right here...in Oregon!

So, our guest checked out this morning and tonight we have booked our inn for a dinner party.  Catered from the best of the best in Italian in this city, our table set with love, cupcakes baked for my guests tonight and all because "my" northwest culinary delights, delight me!  And...I love to share!

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