A Letter To A Friend! Love, Yours Truly...Oregon!

Mt. Hood Region of Oregon, Jan. 2010Dear friends,

I hope this letter finds you well.  I have been thinking about you a lot lately and wish we could spend more time together.  If you have some spare time this spring, summer or fall, please come for a visit.  I would love to have you and show you around a bit. 

It has been beautiful here all winter.  Rainy...yes, snowy...a bit, gorgeous and green...absolutely!  I have enjoyed all my visitor's this season and it looks like that last blanket of snow will draw tons more over the next few weeks.  It's really pretty crazy actually!  I just get covered with all this snow on my cascades but there's a daffodil festival in my Willamette Valley.  Talk about being conflicted.  I am pretty sure I can handle it though. 

I have made a long list of things I want to show you when you come but more importantly, my lists of things I want you to experience are even longer. 

Mt. Bachelor, Feb. 2010I want to show you my Mt. Hood.  I want you to experience the breathtaking beauty when you hike up there.  I want you to see my Sister's, my Mt. Bachelor and my Three Fingered Jack.  I want you taste the spring water that runs through my veins that keeps me from being thirsty.  I want you to see my desserts, my Wallowa's and my painted mountains.  I want you to ride my rivers, float in my clear lakes and fish for the fish that I love sharing with my fisherman buddies.  I want you to stand in awe as you see my waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge.  I want you to pick a pear or sip the brandy made from my pears as you enjoy the cheese's made from my contented cows.  I want you to see what I have done to Portland.  I don't think I had anything to do with "keeping it weird" but that's ok if I did.  Have I mentioned that Portland is one of my pride and joys?  I love that my friends there are eco-friendly.  I love that I have provided a place for my friends to safely ride their bikes to work.  I love that I have helped provide this premiere destination for foodies from all over the world.  

Oh...then there is my valley!  My promised land, my mecca, one of my most favorite places toLlama in the Willamette Valley, Dec. 2009 send my friends.  I hope that you take the time to enjoy my wine.  Some of the most fertile land in the country is right here.  I provide the perfect soil for the wine grapes and making a place for hops to flourish so my beer makers continue making the best beer in the world.  I love that I can provide the atmosphere where my hazelnut orchards are so abundant with fruit that I am becoming pretty darn famous just for my hazelnuts.  I love that I can send my friends on a farm tour there where they can be kissed by a llama, sniffed by an miniature donkey and bombarded by a crazed funny goat.  I love that everyone that comes to see me here, in my valley says they don't wanna leave.  They love me...what can I say...I'm awesome that way!

OSU College Forest, CorvallisOh, there is so much more of me I want you to experience!  I want you to take one of my side roads where the fields are so green you swear they aren't real.  I want you to hike my trails near one of my favorite universities.  I want you to enjoy all my little towns and villages along my routes.  I want you to taste a burger made from my grass fed, organic beef.  I want you to experience every region.

Oh...and before you leave...you must see my coast.  Even I can't get enough of my coast.  The curves, the ocean air, the tides, the rocks, oh I could on about myself forever!  The beauty of it all is absolutely to die for.  Most of my visitors can tell you that this region is their most favorite of all.  As for me...well...let's just say, I love all of me!

Again...I hope to see you soon!  My inhabitants are excited too to share with you why they loveChristmas Tree Farm, Willmette Valley, Oregon Dec. 2010 living here.  Don't be surprised if you are greeted with a smile, a handshake or given a basket of berries or even a home baked berry pie for that matter.  My friends here love Oregon, love to share and more importantly, they know where all the good grub is.  So, come hungry, come happy and come ready to experience "all" of me!  

Take care and looking forward to your visit!



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