An Evening and Dessert with Alton Chung...Brownsville, Oregon

Alton Chung, Nat'l StorytellerA family event in Brownsville, Oregon, storytelling by Alton Chung will provide an entire evening of entertainment!

The charming town of Brownsville, Oregon is sweetly tucked into the countryside of Linn County.  Known for it's quaint and spectacular history, Brownsville is also known for a few other things as well. 

A movie set for "Stand By Me," and a "Carriage Me Back," event, Brownsville is also home to the "Storytelling Festival."  Annually, this festival brings together several storytellers from beginners to professionals.  Beginning on Friday, Feb. 26th for two days, you can bring the whole family and your stories to share and enjoy.

Alton Chung will begin his storytelling on Saturday, Feb. 27th at 7pm.  Filled with tales of superstitions and magic of the Hawaiian Islands combined with his Japanese and Korean roots, Alton Chung spins his cultural tales and personal stories with "a deep sense of reverence and authenticity."  Contact for more info and a complete list of events.

Besides it's quaint history, movie fame and annual storytelling event, Brownsville is also know for it's spectacular Oregon culinary experiences.  Corner Cafe at 431 N. Main St. and Main Street Coffee at 240 N. Main St. will provide two locations for storytelling and a place for a perfect meal throughout the weekend.  Need a place to stay over night?  Edelweiss Manor, The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn and The Harrison House are within a short driving distance.  All three are Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild members and offer their guests their own take on an Oregon culinary experience!

Visit historic Brownsville, Oregon for storytelling and dining experiences that you will always this little corner of the Willamette Valley!  Hope to see you next weekend when Brownsville "welcomes you home!"

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