An Oregon Art Studio and Gift Boutique!

The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild has many membership inns all over Oregon.  And in some of those inn's, artist's reside!

Edelweiss Manor B & B in the Willamette Valley is not only home to one of the most beautiful historic homes in Oregon, it's also home to the NW Artist Studio and Gift Boutique and A Touch of Class Day Spa!

Sitting pretty on a few acres of pristine gardens is a place just outside Albany, Oregon where you can escape the busy city and enjoy the country as you peruse through this wonderful event this weekend.  On Saturday, Oct. 23rd from 11-5pm or on Sunday, Oct. 24th from 2pm-5pm, come and enjoy as this art studio opens up to showcase a "Trunk Showing," Vintage Clothing and Collections, Artists of the North West gifts and so much more!

The Open House is also located on the "Willamette River Country Trail" site!  One of the newest trails to be added to the Oregon Country Trail system, Edelweiss Manor B & B is a perfect addition.  For more info please go to or just go to 1708 Springhill Dr. NW this weekend to see the art, enjoy the gorgeous grounds, visit the beautiful historic home and see "Autumn" in the Willamette Valley!

A drive through the country with an awesome ending!

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