Annual Historic Tour of Homes and Gardens...It's All Happening In Albany, Oregon

Victorian Style, Queen Anne.  The Train House Inn, Albany, OregonJuly 25th, 2009, Albany, Oregon highlights their valley treasures by opening doors and garden gates to let you into some of the most gorgeous historic homes and gardens in the entire state of Oregon. 

Boasting the most varied collection of historic home styles in the state and the most in number as well, come tour the four Nationally Registered Historic Districts that drawBungalow in downtown Albany, Oregon.  The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn. photographers, travel writers, history buffs and anyone interested in the vintage bliss these homes exude. 

Bring your over-nite bag and plan to spend the night at one of the three bed and breakfasts in Albany.  Two of which are located on the edge of historic downtown.  Withing walking distance from two of the inns are two new antique shops, several specialty boutiques, coffee houses and of course our many downtown restaurants. 

Rare metals capital of the world, located perfectly in the middle of the Willamette Valley and wine country, fields of corn, beans, mint, hazel nuts and grass seed, over 700 historic homes and buildings, who'd a thunk Albany was so full of surprises.  Banking on the edge of the Willamette River, Albany is the starting point for birdwatching, bicycling, walking, and of course driving to the coast, Sisters and Bend, Eugene and Portland.  With the newly restored train station only a few blocks from downtown, it is an easy walk to step back in time, hop on the train and relax as it takes you to your Oregon destination.

Climbing Pink Heirloom Roses at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn.So, no matter why you are coming to Albany and how you are getting here, prepare to be awed and amazed as we are proud to "show off" our many treasures and we hope that you find some vintage bliss in our sweet town.

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