Apple Crunch French Toast and an Oregon Bed & Breakfast

A few blogs ago, I told you about going to visit a distillery in Portland and how we came home with some of their liqueur's.  Well, now you get the low down on how to incorporate these liqueurs into french toast and maybe some other favorite recipes of your own.

French toast at an Oregon Bed & BreakfastWhen I first read about putting orange liqueur into a breakfast recipe, I just couldn't believe it.  Who would wanna put liquor in their breakfast?  That was about three years ago and let me tell you, since then I have found so many ways to use a good liqueur in our breakfasts that it almost seems wrong not to.  

My Apple Crunch French Toast Recipe has somewhat made an impression on many of our guests and even some family members as well.  My sister visiting last fall took almost all of the ingredients home with her to Pennsylvania and treated her family to taste of what it's like to have breakfast at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn.  Our Albany Visitor's Association director even made the recipe into a french toast casserole and took it on a trip up the coast so he and his friends and family could enjoy the delight for breakfast as well.  Although I cannot take all the credit for this recipe, I can share with you where I got the idea from.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, Greg at Seven Oaks Bed andGuest Room at Seven Oaks Bed and Breakfast, Hood River, Oregon Bed & Breakfast Breakfast in Hood River, Oregon gave me the ideas for the batter to dip the bread into before grilling. Also, as I mentioned previously, I couldn't leave deliciousness enough alone.  So, grab a pen and paper and maybe try this recipe out this weekend or even better check out an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inn and enjoy trying out the "breakfast" in the bed and breakfast experience.

Pfeiffer Inn's Apple Crunch French Toast

1 loaf Great Harvest, Apple Crunch Bread, sliced
1 can light coconut milk (14oz.)
2 eggs
1 teaspoon cinnamon
2 Tablespoons Pear Liqueur

Whip the coconut milk, eggs, cinnamon and liqueur together with a wire whip.  Dip thick slices of the bread into the coconut/egg mixture and grill on an oiled griddle till lightly browned and egg is cooked.  Sprinkle lightly with powered sugar and serve with slices of good butter and grade A maple syrup. 

I serve my Apple Crunch French Toast with fried eggs, turkey bacon, cantaloupe and Allann Bros. Truck Stop coffee and fresh orange juice.

Breakfast Table at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn, An Oregon Bed & BreakfastAs a side note, I have also used Challah bread instead of the Apple Crunch Bread and it also is very good.  In fact, anything from Great Harvest would be good in this recipe.  

Another thing or two that I have learned in the last year, is that a lot of recipes can be altered to conform to meet special diet guidelines.  Greg again from Seven Oaks Bed and Breakfast leaves the eggs out of his recipe so it can be served as a vegan breakfast as well.  So, like me, play with it a little and tweak it to your satisfaction. 

Other traditional breakfast dishes also benefit from a few tablespoons of liqueur as well.  It can be used in waffle and crepe batter but the best idea yet? Just pour a little Blackberry liqueur over a big bowl of Tillamook vanilla ice cream, get a spoon and sit back an enjoy!

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