Bicycle Oregon...a sustainable travel option with a culinary twist!

Yes, it's that time of year!  It's time to get your bikes out of the basement, the shed or garage.  Dust the seat off and grab your helmet and you are good to go!

One of the most scenic places in the country to ride bikes, Oregon plays host to cyclists from all over the world every summer.  It's not unusual for some our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild membership inns to be filled to the brim with bicyclists when the weather is perfect here! 

There are maps, bike trails and websites that help you plan your bicycling trip.  Some of these trails take you through some of the most beautiful country side you have ever seen.  Small towns, villages, covered name it you can experience it on your bike this season!  It's no surprise that Oregon's other favorite thing to do, "eating" and sharing their "really good" food is a perk and available along many of the trails found here.  Restaurants and deli's along the bikes routes are expecting you and we have heard nothing but positive experiences from our cyclists. 

Many of our inns are located along these bike trails too!  Most have storage for your gear, can fill your water bottles, point you in the right direction for pasta to get you through the next day and then send you off with a hearty culinary experience you will not forget! 

So, plan your trip, pack your bikes and we'll see you bicycling in Oregon this season!

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