Blue Cheese, Oregonzola... Just Say Cheese Please!

A road trip to Ashland to prep for our Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild annual meeting, a few of us decided that we liked being the "visitor" to Southern Oregon.  So, after twenty four hours of planning, meetings and setting up schedules, we decided to find the cheese!

Our friend Fred at The Historic Prospect Hotel in Prospect, Oregon told us that we had to go to Rogue Creamery near Medford in Central Point before we headed back home to Albany and Hood River respectively.  So, of course we always listen to Fred but I think just hearing the word "cheese" was really all it took to head us in the right direction!

So, off we were heading home with a pit stop or in our case a "cheese stop" at Rogue Creamery.  We were in cheese heaven!  Enamored by anything so famously local, down home but good enough to be in almost every gourmet market and local shop in Oregon, Rogue Creamery is the epitome of the perfect Oregon culinary experience.

Perfect for pairing with wine or beer, check out Rogue Creamery's website where "pairing" is as important as the cheese itself.  A nice mild Oregonzola with an Oregon Pinot Noir perhaps?  Chocolate Stout, (my fav) with such beer as a stout or porter?  Artisan cheese from an artisan cheese company focused on sustainability, perfecting the art of making the world's best cheese and sharing it with the rest of us who just simply love cheese!

Follow my recipe below using two of my favorite Rogue Creamery cheese's.  The perfect egg and cheese dish for one!

Shirred Eggs

Butter the inside of a 3 or 4 inch ramekin.  Add one tablespoon of bread crumbs to cover bottom.  Place two thin slices of Rogue Creamery cheddar cheese over the bread crumbs to make a cup.  Add a slice to two of tomato on top of the cheese and break an egg over that.  Crumble a tablespoon of cooked sausage or bacon on top of egg.  Add one tablespoon cream over top then grate two tablespoons of Rogue Creamery Chocolate Stout Cheddar on top.

Bake 375 degrees for about 20 to 25 minutes or till egg is set.

This is a fun recipe because it is so easy and you can change it up by adding fresh crimini mushrooms, small slices of fresh garden zucchini, fresh basil or thyme and change the type of cheese now and then with the same results.  Your guests will be amazed at this sweet little cheese dish.

Is there a trip to Southern Oregon in your future perhaps?  A little culinary vacation?  A taste of Oregon maybe?  Well, if you are visiting Oregon, stop in for some samples and load up your ice chests with some of the best cheeses Oregon has to offer.  If you are an innkeeper heading to Ashland for our annual meeting in March, you can stop too!  Taste the cheese, choose your favorite and load up for your trip home.  The proof is in the cheese...a truly original Oregon Culinary Experience!

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