Brigittine Truffles, Moonstruck Chocolates and Sandi's Candy and Fudgery.

Brigittine Monastery Truffles.  Served to guests at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn, an Oregon Bed & Breakfast.With a rich history of at least 4,000 years old, chocolate can be described as one of the most decadent treats on earth.  From the seed of the cocao tree, chocolate is one of the most popular flavors in the world and the monks at the Brigittine Monastery in Amity, Oregon have cornered the market on truffles and fudge.  Using real chocolate, fresh dairy butter, real cream, the freshest nuts, and real flavors, the monastery produces some of the most delicious candy in the world. 

Only a few miles from Amity and the monastery, A' Tuscan Estate, An Oregon Bed & Breakfast, Mc Minnville, OregonA' Tuscan Estate, an Oregon Bed & Breakfast, offers a European experience in a 1928 Colonial style home.  This Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inn, is only 5 blocks from the historic district of McMinnville where historic homes and buildings can be enjoyed.

If you decide to take a "Chocolates and Oregon Bed & Breakfast Tour", consider your next stop Moonstruck Chocolates.  Five locations grace the Portland area where hand made confections using the best ingredients makes these chocolates so sought after.  Since 1993, Moonstruck Chocolates have sinfully produced, chocolate bars, champagne truffles, cocoa and organic double dark hot chocolate.  With retailers carrying Moonstruck Chocolates all over the country, Mary found Moonstruck Chocolates as far away as New Mexico and I found them as close as Isabella's Garden in Albany, Oregon.  Now, since you are on the "chocolate tour," you can't forget to check in to A Painted Lady Inn B & B.  This Oregon Bed & Breakfast is located in NE Portland in a calm oasis in the heart of the rose city.  Built in 1894, renovated, near shopping,A Painted Lady Inn, Oregon Bed & Breakfast, Portland, Oregon restaurants and close to the MAX, this inn makes a perfect place to plop your sweet self down after a busy day of chocolate tasting.

Rounding out your perfect chocolate get-a-way, check out Sandi's Candies and Fudgery in the heart of Grants Pass, Oregon.  Sandi Crowder opened her first candy business in 1984 in California, then moved to Grants Pass and opened shop in 1999.  Chocolates, fudge, taffy are all made on-site using the luscious Guittard chocolate.  Sandi even offers gluten free chocolates. 

Rogue River, Class II rapid and float.  Rogue Forest Bed & Breakfast.The Rogue Forest Bed and Breakfast in Grants Pass can treat you to a perfect ending to your perfect "chocolate tour."  Located near the Rogue River, this retreat-like setting offers 2 suites and a ride on the river.  You can book a half or full day of rafting where you can watch for bear, beaver, otter, mink, eagles and heron.  Since I am not a rafter, I am all for this class II rapid and float.  I prefer the word float over the word rapid any day.

So, let me make sure I have covered all the important things in my blog...  chocolate bars, fudge, truffles, cocoa, and oh yeah, checking in to an Oregon Bed & Breakfast. Enjoy your tour!

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