Carousels and Hazelnuts...treasures in the Willamette Valley!

Albany Carousel ProjectWe recently had friends visit us in the Willamette Valley.  Desperately trying to cram everything we love about living here in to just a few days, we had to pick and choose and hopefully give them just enough to make them wanna come back.  Mission accomplished and we think they are now planning their next trip already.

Besides our dining frenzy that began with their arrival into Portland and ending in Albany, two "must see" experiences needed to be experienced.  Off we were and the first stop was actually just a few blocks from our inn.

A fifteen year project now well in to its 9th year, Albany's Carousel Project is shooting for a completion deadline in about 6 years!  One of the most showcased projects in this region, the carousel began as a dream then has flourished as artists, donations, carvers, painters and volunteers are working together to make this dream come true.  On the corner of First Avenue and Washington St. in downtown Albany, you can visit the carousel and see first hand how this vision has come to life.  We watched as artists painted, carver's carved and children as well as adults stood in awe at the life size animals being created.  The museum is open all week but we found that Saturday is the perfect day to go if you want to watch the artists at work. For more info, go to!

You can find completed pieces of the carousel all around town as they are being showcased in shop windows, restaurants with The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn  housing the Chinook Salmon!

On a whim, we decided to share one of our other Oregon treasures...hazelnuts!  Hazelnut Hill is located just south of Corvallis and just minutes away from another great inn...The Harrison House.  Minutes away from OSU and Hazelnut Hill, this inn is perfectly situated in the Hazelnut Hill, OregonWillamette Valley with easy access to many restaurants, shops, and did we mention OSU???  Side note here...the Civil War game is Saturday, December 4th just in case you haven't reserved your room yet!

"Orchard to table," milk or dark chocolate covered, raw, salted, chopped, or sprinkled over your chocolate shake...Hazelnut Hill offers the freshest example of sustainability and a northwest culinary treasure in the form of a nut!  A delicious one we might add!

Coming to Oregon?...want to experience the local culture?...want to taste a bit of why we are known as one of the best places to eat in the country?...well, consider yourself invited! 

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