Christmas In A Vineyard, "A Tuna Christmas" and The Big City In Lights!

Looking for a simply unique way to experience Oregon this season?  Looking for a way to show your visiting family and friends how we do things here in the Pacific Northwest?  Wanna show em' a little bit of everything?  Well, follow me and see Portland, a vineyard and a play in a small Oregon theater...all in a day...or two!
Vintage Roost, Albany, Oregon
Hmmm...where shall I begin?  Let's just start at the beginning...Portland!  So you have family coming in or some friends wanting to visit for the weekend.  First things first!  Of course you will book them a room for a night or two at one of Oregon's finest bed and breakfasts!  The Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild has over 90 membership inns that are all decked out and ready for the holidays!  And...we are all ready to meet and greet your visiting holiday guests and treat them to our sweet treats and give them a holiday stay to remember.

If your guests are staying in Portland, there are over a dozen inns to choose from.  Want to go down the 99 south?  Check out several Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inns along the route where wine lovers trek and visitors choose to stay amongst the vineyards where their wine grapes are grown.  Or...why not send them even further south to Albany to see a play?  Wherever you choose to park it, you can find fun, food, wine, a play and of course the beauty of an Oregon city all dressed up for the holidays.

There is nothing more magnificent than Portland, Oregon in the winter.  The "Rose" city is flaunting itself and showing off by offering sight-seekers something quite gorgeous to gawk at.  Trees lining streets of the Pearl and downtown are glowing with lights, boats on the Willamette are decorated and causing quite a reason to stop and stare and of course all that is "weird" about Portland is pretty "cool" this time of year!

Moseying down the road a bit, stop by the Willamette Valley Vineyard off I 5 and enjoy "Holiday In The Vineyard."  Saturdays and Sundays this season and quite the little holiday event and the wine pours red just in time for Christmas!  Sit on the deck but only for a sec cause it's freezin but you have to experience the one place you can stand and almost see the entire Willamette Valley and a deer grazing in the vineyard at the same time.

Keep moseying and don't stop till you hit Albany!  Wanna see an "adult" version of a Christmas classic?  Well..."A Tuna Christmas" is playing at Albany Civic Theater on the 18th and 19th of December.  Some pretty trendy restaurants and some of the best Pacific Northwest grub is served in Albany and it's all on First Avenue.

Start in Albany, spend the night, head North by way of wineries of course then see Portland in lights this season.  A small town play, a ton of Willamette Valley wineries and a "big" city celebrating the may wanna stay longer!

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