Coffee, Doughnuts, Mancakes Any One??? 24 Hours As A Culinary Tourist!

Olives, Pinot Noir and Crusty Bread At La Buca, Portland, Oregon.Ok, so I never and I mean "never" eat doughnuts.  Well, just this one time I ate one.  But it was a vegan doughnut.  So, does that count???

My last 24 hours in Portland have been full.  And I really mean full in every sense of the word.  For my husbands birthday, we headed north and my goal was to check out as many little "out of the way" cafes and restaurants we could.  So I had a doughnut this morning at Voodoo Doughnuts.  I have wanted to try these doughnuts ever since moving to Oregon especially when I found out that it's an Oregon Wedding Site.  I'm serious!  Let me just say it was an experience and we may do it again.  But, our culinary tour created by "me", began last evening at OMSI.  

OMSI is one of those kind of museums that entertains the entire family.  However, last evening it was open only to adults 21 and over.  Serving wine, beer and distilled spirits, the museum offered an OMSI After Dark experience that allowed us to set off rockets, build and fly paper airplanes, control a robot and watch electricity go through your hand and make your hair stand on end.  Well, that could have been the beer or wine but it was still fun to watch.  Star Parties, the CSI Crime Scene Exhibit and the After Dark events are happening at OMSI all summer long.  

Leaving the museum, we needed a little something to start off the "food" part of our tour.  We happened upon The Clarklewis.  This restaurant was a loading dock in a former life and now serves up tasty items such as Blue Bird Farm Farro Soup with Rapini, Pecorina and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Saute'ed Sand Dabs with Oregon Asparagus, Fresh Bay Shrimp and Vermouth Butter.  Wasn't on my list, but it is now!

Stumptown Coffee and our Voodoo Doughnuts got us going this morning as we headed to Portland's Northeast District.  Taking the bus, we landed near La Buca (google for info), and after attending an art show, we sat and dined on several varieties of olives, crusty bread, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and of course an Oregon Pinot Noir.  This little cafe was not on my list either but you know how lists go.  Two of the cafes on my list have closed, one for remodeling.  So, we made a new list and headed for the Morrison Bridge. The Montage in Portland is directly under the bridge and offers up frog legs, gator bites, and blackened catfish.  The location was worth the walk and with it's interesting menu, it stays on our new list of places to dine.

Didn't eat the Mancakes but saw a Neo Blast Omelet, a BLT and burgers on the menu.  Stepping Stone Cafe is located in the North West area of Portland and serves "Mancakes" with a challenge to finish them all.  If you do, your picture goes on their "wall of shame".  So, we just tried the safe tomato and Gorgonzola soup. 

Gnocchi with wild mushrooms and white truffle oil and an angel hair pasta dish finished our list at the London Grill in the Benson Hotel, downtown Portland. With dining options that include a secret back door that leads to the private cellar,  you can dine surrounded by over 6,000 bottles of wine.  In the lower level of the Benson Hotel, this restaurant was the perfect night cap to end this "foodies" culinary tour of Portland, Oregon.  

So, I encourage you to make your list, don't feel obligated to stick to it, and enjoy a "full" day exploring one of the most sought after culinary tourist destinations in the Pacific Northwest.  

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