Corvallis Culinary epicurean delight!

Downtown Corvallis, Oregon"...where the beer flows through ice taps."  Now what could entice you more than those few words?...and enticing is just the beginning! 

If you love food, love food from Oregon, love food in Oregon and love the local, fresh and organic mantra we all do our best to cook by, you'll love this week in Corvallis

Imagine walking up and down the quaint "hip" town of Corvallis, Oregon sampling not only very cold beer and the perfect Pinot Noir but a smattering of delish grub from some of best of the best restaurants in the region!  This week is "Corvallis Culinary Week" and they are ready to stuff you full as you enjoy each culinary delight from at least ten Corvallis restaurants.

Imagine a cold beer at 101 or the perfect seafood sampler from Aqua where their specialty is Pacific Rim and Hawaiian cuisine.  Visit Cloud 9, the downward dog, Fireworks, Le Bistro, Magenta or Zia's! 

Have we mentioned conveniently that there are at least two local bed and breakfasts near downtown Corvallis that are willing to take you in if you need a place to recuperate after tasting your way through Corvallis all evening?  Well...The Harrison House and The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn, Corvallis and downtown Albany respectivley, are two Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild membership inns that know where the best of the best is when it comes to that perfect culinary experience and that perfect "inn" stay!


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