Cowboy Boots, A Wine Glass, And A Horse?

Horseback Wine Tasting in The Willamette ValleySo, what does putting cowboy boots on, grabbing a wine glass and gettin' on a horse in the Willamette Valley have to do with each other?  A wine tour by horseback!  At Equestrian Wine Tours near Abbey Road Farm in the heart of wine country, you can actually go wine tasting at several wineries on the back of a Tennessee Walking Horse. I have heard of taking a limo and even assigning a dear friend as the "designated driver" while wine tasting but a wine tasting tour by horseback?  A totally different kind of tasting experience.  A good soak in a big hot tub of water in an Oregon Bed & Breakfast would end that kind of day perfectly.

Abbey Road Farm is an Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inn and is probably one of the most unique inns I have read about.  Sitting on 82 acres in Carlton, Oregon, Abbey Road Farm Bed and Breakfast "Silo Suites" offers an Oregon Bed & Breakfast experience like no other with old grain silo's converted in to guestVineyards in The Willamette Valley Near An Oregon Lodging Facility suites.  I have the pleasure of visiting this Oregon lodging facility next week and am looking forward to seeing the suites, the farm, the animals and taking a long walk through the cherry orchard too. 

Wine country here in the Willamette Valley has not only drawn those on horseback or limo but has become thee up and coming wine region in the U.S.  Most of us that are lucky enough to live here know all of this and love knowing that we are in the heart of "the place for pinot."  And, also according to, the Willamette Valley is considered one of the 10 hot spots of 2009.  About an hour from Portland and on the banks of the Willamette River sit well over 200 wineries in the heart of which is soon becoming the next Napa Valley.  Affordability, award winning wine, regional cuisine and culinary experiences, along with tours of working vineyards and local inns, have made for a perfect pairing and who wouldn't want to vacation or staycation here?

A few days at Abbey Road Farms, wine tasting by horseback and a taste of all that is fertile and good in the valley.  Who could ask for a more perfect vacation!


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Name: Frank Tycast
Time: Monday, August 27, 2012

We have a gift Certifcate from another B&B (given by our children) wWeb would like to take a horseback tour. Is it possible to take the horsebackm tour and return to the gifted B&B? Our designated reservation is at Dreamcatcher Inn

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