Culinary Tourism Through An Innkeepers Freezer!

This is my kitchen! 

I am an innkeeper! 

I want a new kitchen!

However, I know that patience is a virtue and I am waiting patiently for winter so I can get my new kitchen!

Our inn will be hibernating for a  month or so this winter so we can begin renovating this 1970's, plywood cabineted (is this even a word?), floor tile on the counter mess of a kitchen.  Yeah...the picture isn't too shabby but believe me when I tell you that it really needs a makeover!  Do you hear that "This Old House" people?  Well...they probably heard it when I emailed them last month asking for a new kitchen in our 1908 Robust Craftsman Bungalow!  I even offered them a place to stay while they worked.  I haven't heard back from them yet but I am sure they are pondering my idea and mulling over which subway tile will work best for that awesome copper counter top they are ordering for me right now.  I can dream can't I? is quite amazing even to me what comes out of this 1970's kitchen sometimes. helps when our guests become our friends and share recipes with us.  That's what happened yesterday!  A guest told us about this recipe while we sipped coffee and chatted about what!  I tried it this morning and oh my gosh...our bicyclists loved it!  I always wondered what I should do with all those Cinnamon Crepes I had rolled up and froze in the freezer.  Now I know and so will you!  Enjoy making this very easy and very delicious recipe!  And Nellie...thanks for the idea and thanks for staying with us at The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn!


Take your frozen "left over" crepes (I used 8) and put them on top of slivers of  butter in an oiled baking dish.

Heat oven to 350 degrees and bake frozen crepes till thawed, about 20 min.

Mix 1 cup of sour cream, two to three tablespoons packed brown sugar, four eggs and a couple of teaspoons of vanilla together.  Pour over the thawed crepes and top with ground cinnamon!

Bake at 400 degrees for about 30 to 35 minutes.  The dish is done when it browns a little puffs up.

This serves 5 very hungry bicyclist cycling the Willamette Bike Trail with just enough left over to test for yourself! 

Thanks again to all our guests that love cooking and sharing recipes as much as we do!  And, check out our recipe section on our very gorgeous new Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild website!

See you soon at the breakfast table..."This Old House" crew!

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