"Faster! I'm Starving!"

Ok...so I'm kind of a freak when it comes to books.  I love old books, I love new books and I really love cookbooks!  My most favorite place to find books?...Powell's in downtown Portland, Oregon!

A full city block in size and several floors high, Powell's sits squarely in downtown Portland.  A sight seers destination, a visitors dream and this innkeepers heaven.  And yes...I can usually  be found in the cookbook isle.  We are always looking for a new recipe and new idea from a cookbook to keep those bed and breakfast culinary experiences fresh.  So, what cookbooks caught my eye on our last trip to Powell's?

"Faster! I'm Starving"

"How To Cook Without A Book"

"Big Fat Cookies"

"500 Cupcakes"

"Becoming Vegan"

"Living Vegan For Dummies"

...and don't ask me why this book was in the cookbook isle..."Does This Clutter Make My Butt Look Big?"

And don't worry folks, we're not "Becoming Vegan" any time soon! 

One question we do get asked a lot is, "where do you find all your recipes?"  Well...now you know.  We find them in cookbooks, we share them, we put them on our inn's websites, we blog them and we Facebook links as to where to find our favorite recipes.  We love cooking and we love using our "skills" in our kitchens and that keeps our guests coming back to Oregon!

In Portland where Powell's is located, there are over 15 Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild membership inns.  Bed and Breakfasts' such the Heron Haus B & B, Enchanted Garden Suite, Nob Hill Riverview B & B and Forest Spring B & B to name a few offer the best in local Oregon culinary experiences and they know how to cook!

So...if you need a good cookbook head to Powell's next time you are in Portland.  If you wanna know the best places to stay in Portland, check out our website.  Or...if you have some clutter that needs going through...well...pick up that book I listed above and get to it!

See you in the Orange Room at Powell's some time!

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