Foccacia Egg Bread at an Oregon Bed and Breakfast!

I can't take much credit for this recipe!  Well...I can...sort of.  I watched Giada one morning make it for her niece and it looked so good and easy that I thought I would try it.  Although I could never really find a "loaf" of focciacia bread, I use a whole loaf of sturdy artisan french bread to make it.  It's simple, really tasty and so unique that your guests will love it.

Focciacia Egg Bread

One loaf of focciacia or sturdy loaf of french bread.  Slice the top off length wise to make a lid.  Dig out a trough in the middle along the length of the loaf.

Mix extra virgin olive oil and a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice together.  Brush the inside of the trough, the top edges and the inside of the "lid" with the olive oil and lemon juice combination.  With the lid off and laying next to loaf, bake or broil on high till browned and crispy.

Mix 6 to 8 eggs, a little milk, chopped basil, salt and pepper to taste and pour into the baked trough.  Top with a little more basil if desired and some fresh grated Parmesan or Asiago cheese.

Bake with lid on and totally covered in foil for about 45 min at 350 degrees.  I usually have to check it at 45 min. and bake a little longer if necessary.  You want the eggs set!

After the egg bread is baked, take out of foil and slice with lid on. 

Breakfast Table at an Oregon Bed and Breakfast.I serve this baked egg bread with fresh fruit, bacon or organic chicken apple sausage and Giada's hot chocolate. 

Follow the "Hot Chocolate" recipe on the Hershey's cocoa can for the best homemade hot chocolate.  Top with mini marshmallows, toffee bar pieces, (found in the baking isle) and cinnamon and sugar.

Whether you are an innkeeper, a chef or just someone that loves impressing your family with really good food, this recipe is easy and will please your entire group.  Of course the hot chocolate with all the toppings will steal the show but chocolate at breakfast always does!

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