Garden to Table in Our Oregon Bed & Breakfast

How does that old saying go?...when life gives you lemons...!  Well, what does an Oregon innkeeper do when she is handed three bags of just harvested peppers, chili's, tomatoes and corn?  She makes a frittata of course!

I cannot think of a more perfect time to be in the Willamette Valley or Oregon for that matter than right now!  Oregon Bounty isn't just a title of some grand event that occurs every fall which is now stretched to a year round celebration.  Oregon Bounty is something all good chefs, great cooks and ingenious innkeepers take very seriously when prepping any meal any time of the year in Oregon! 

So, what to do with bags of lovelies that our guests/farmers brought for us?  I make a sweet potato frittata of course!  Cottage oven fried sweet potatoes topped with sliced onion, chili's, bell peppers, and fresh cut corn on the cob with olive oil, fresh ground pepper and garlic salt...yummmm!  Is it rude to say, "I love my own cooking?"  I hope not cause being proud of providing our guests with the best of the best from Oregon is what all Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild innkeepers do here in Oregon!squash at an Oregon Bed & Breakfast 

Prepping for the morning frittata, baking cherry pecan muffins and setting the breakfast table is only a small part of good innkeeping.  Guests arriving to the inn and getting a glimpse of what to expect in the morning only makes for one comfy night of heavenly dreams and a little anxious excitement for what is to come in the morning!

So, whether you are checking out Hood River, the Willamette Valley or Eastern Oregon, expect only good things to come from our farmers bags of goodies.  Let your innkeeper make you thankful you chose to join us here in Oregon where the food not only tastes better but is also more fun to share! 

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