Get Away, Just A Little!

Once in a while we all just need to get away.  It can be for a few hours, a night, or even a weekend now and then.  That is what is great about being in Oregon. There is so much to see and do here that we anxiously await our next outdoor activity and rush out the door to take it all in.

Running The Pfeiffer Cottage Inn in Albany, Oregon and being part of the Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild affords us the pleasure of meeting new people every week.  Whether we are meeting with other innkeepers here in the Willamette Valley, entertaining our lovely guests, pointing out the best wineries in the area, or mapping out a day trip for hiking, we also enjoy sharing these experiences first hand for ourselves!

Last Sunday, we decided to take a little day trip to Silver Creek Falls nearHikers on the trail at Silver Creek Falls Silverton and Salem, Oregon. We have been to the falls several times since moving here but have never been there in the winter.  Hiking this time of year at the falls is an absolute awesome experience as evidenced by the amount of hikers we met along the trail.  

If you are planning on aBreakfast at The Eagle Crest Bed and Breakfast trip to Oregon and the Willamette Valley this spring when the falls are gushing with snowmelt run off, plan on a few side trips to check out the Eola Hills or Honeywood Winery in Salem.  The wineries are only about 25 miles from the state park falls area and to top off the perfect get away, stay at Eagle Crest Bed and Breakfast in Salem.  This Oregon Bed and Breakfast is located only 15 minutes from downtown and offers nature in most supreme setting.

A little get away, a little hike at the falls, a little wine and a perfect place to lay your head.  Hope to see you on the trail!
Silver Creek Falls Trail

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