Grab Your Bike, Your Friends Bike And Even Your Mom's Bike And Hold On For A Fun Ride!

We are so bad, but what can I say, we've been busy bees lately!  We finally drug our bikes out of the basement, dusted them off, filled our tires with air and off we were.  Enjoying the perfect summer weather here in the Willamette Valley is what we Oregonians do best.

Bicyclists From Portland Checking Out of An Oregon Bed and Breakfast.There is so much to do and see here on bicycles, that we attract enthusiasts from all over the Pacific Northwest and some from the Southwest as well.  Toting their bikes on cars, vans and trucks, or taking the train or even bicycling from Portland or Eugene, these guests are so ready for a nice break, a nice soak in a big old tub, a refreshing Oregon Pinot Noir and a little rest on our front porch swing. 

The cute couple in the picture took the train from Portland to stay at our inn for their one year wedding anniversary.  They took off in the morning to ride their bikes back to Portland.  They had one more over night stop to make on the way back but geez I got so tired just thinking about it, I had to take a nap after they left.

My idea of a bike trip is riding around Albany checking out the vintage homes, the parks, the Willamette River and of course stopping for a lemonade iced tea somewhere along the way.  But, Albany's idea of a bike trip is about inviting over 600 bicyclists from all over the region to compete in the Albany Criterium Bike Race on Saturday, August 15th.  Last year was the first annual race in downtown Albany and evidently Albany is the perfect venue for such an event. 

Now if you are coming to the Willamette Valley for the wine and you are thinking of bringing your bike, well that's another story.  The annual "Vine Ride" is also on August 15th.  The ride begins in the town of Newberg and can be as long or short as you want.  With offerings such as rides through charming villages, century-old farms, berry groves and course vineyards who could pass that up.

So, whether you have chosen to sit in the great Oregon sun and soak it all in while watching 600 bicycles race through downtown Albany or want to try the "Vine Ride" near Newberg, don't forget that either way, a nice glass of Pinot Noir goes well with both. 

What a nice pairing...don't you think?

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