I Resolve To Learn More About Oregon Brewed Beer!

Hops grown in the Willamette ValleyDon't you just love this time of year?  An end of another year and the beginning of "new" beginnings, resolutions and promises we make to ourselves and others.  Well...in 2010 I resolve to learn more about where I live.  I resolve to learn more about Oregon, to learn more about why people flock here for the food and drink but most of all, I resolve to taste and learn all that I can about the beer brewed here in Oregon and why it is famous all over the world!  I think this is a resolution I can keep!

Beer made here in Oregon has been a draw for visitors all over the world for years.  Breweries, micro breweries and even the home brewer have succeeded in making the Pacific Northwest thee place to go for really good beer.  It also helps that this area of the country is where the most and best hops are grown to be used in making that "really good beer!" 

This hop growing region, hasn't always produced hops.  German beer makers used hops grown in Germany for centuries with an introduction to the United States around 1629.  Believe it or not, Wisconsin was the major producer of hops for a short time with New York in the lead for a while too.  However, today, Washington and Oregon are the leaders in hop production for the entire country.  The soil, Pacific Northwest weather and our love of beer I am most sure, makes this area of the country and maybe even the world famous for it's "hop growing" capabilities!

Where to go to get the best beer in Oregon???  Well, recently Travel Oregon asked their fans on Facebook to list at least five breweries where they find their favorite beers.  It was interesting to see where their fans have been to taste and enjoy beer.  I have to say that most of the breweries were in or near Portland!  Is that surprising?...not really since Portland is Oregon's beer capital. 

So, it kind of looks like maybe I am on my way to learning all about Oregon brewed beer.  I think a little tasting trip may be on the agenda as well.  That's what is great about Oregon! Whether you live here or you are a visitor staying at a Portland Oregon Bed and Breakfast or an inn around Ashland, wherever you go, a good Oregon brew isn't far away!  We would love to hear where in Oregon you have found your "favorite" brew. 

Side note:  The tour at Deschutes Brewery in Bend is awesome and my favorite part of the tour...well seeing the hop storage room of course but the beer tasting while touring the brewery...that was pretty cool too!  So, what is your resolution for 2010?  Learning more about Oregon?  Learning more about what makes us the place to go for the best in food and drink?  Not too shabby and a resolution worth keeping!

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