I think I've died and gone to Oregon!

Statue at the Pittock Mansion!Moseying today from the Pearl District in NW Portland, I made my way to the Rose Test Garden and The Japanese Gardens.  I had decided that after trekking to the Pittock Mansion earlier in the week, my "city trekking" was not finished! 

For my birthday last week, my husband planned a nice hike near Multnomah Falls.  He knows I am in love with hiking in Oregon and somewhat embarrassed to say, we've been here 2-1/2 yrs. and hadn't made it to the falls yet.  I picked the actual trail...he won't take credit for that.  5.2 miles up steep trails, gorgeous waterfalls, streams, a freezing soak from the ankles down and I was enthralled and pooped out by the end of the hike.  I can't believe it took us this long to experience this wonder and we are so glad we finally got to do it!

Now, back to the "Rose" city and fast forward a few days!  Rested up and ready for more, this "city trekker" made her way toward the Portland Rose Test Gardens and the Japanese Gardens.  A few miles one way and all up hill but, I decided I was going to enjoy every minute of it.  Take it slow, take in the sights and take my book so if I wanted a rest, I could sit on a bench in the shade, sip my water and enjoy!  The perfect sit landed as I came to the entrance via walking trail to Washington Park where the gardens and zoo are located.  

I pulled out my book and decided that over the next few days, I really needed to finish it. IOregon Holocaust Memorial began reading one of the last chapters and have been overwhelmed by the story as it takes place in wartime Germany. It has been a struggle to read and grasp.  Eventually putting the book away and wanting to get this garden touring going, I stumbled across the Oregon Holocaust Memorial.  I couldn't believe it!  I had heard about this memorial but wasn't sure where it was located.  Still reeling about what I had just read, this moment became a stunning reminder of all that was lost.  What a beautiful backdrop for something so very powerful and sad.  Reading each name etched in the wall, one can't help to take a moment and pause for those that suffered so much.

My trek kind of took on a different feel and I moved on to the gardens.  Contemplating the day, seeing the gardens and realizing just how much there is left to experience here in Oregon, I need two more lifetimes to do it all!  It's hard to imagine that our visitor's and guests that come to Oregon and only spend a few days here can leave satisfied.  I don't think many of them do.  The phrase we hear most often is, "we will have to come back so we can do all the other things we wanted to do!"

Well...there is something pretty awesome to be said when you can visit a city or a state and you just can't get quite enough.  And there is something to be said when you find your innkeeper so "in love" with where she lives that you "must" come back and experience  what she is so passionate about.  And that's exactly what it is!  Passion!  Yes...we are passionate about Oregon! 

So...whether you are coming here to see our mansions, visit our gardens, comtemplate our memorials, eat our food, drink our beer and/or wine, or you are just coming cause you have to see what all the hullabaloo is about, we hope you check in to one of our Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild Inns!  A true Oregon experience by...your innkeeper!

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