It's Always About The Food...Culinary Tourism in Oregon

Epicure:  a person devoted to pleasure and refined sensuous enjoyment, especially for good food and drink!  That is what you can get in Portland, Oregon.  Yes, it's a "foodie" tour and it sounds heavenly.  The Portland Epicurean Tour takes you on a wonderful journey through Portland letting you taste a bit of what makes this area of Oregon one of the most sought after "food lovers" heaven and the center for culinary tourism.  Go through the back door of a distillery and sample the gin or rum and restaurants to check out the beer, coffees, chocolates, bagels, pizzas, gelatos, cheese's and salmon.  Every tour is a little different with it's own offering of foods and drink and appeases even the most refined appetites. 

As an innkeeper, I as many of my fellow innkeepers, believe it's almost alwaysLodging in Oregon, Pfeiffer Cottage Inn Breakfast Table "about the food!"  In our local travels, we have discovered the joy in finding some new way to use the fresh, local and organic ingredients found in abundance at road side stands and farmer's markets in Oregon.  In Oregon wine country, you not only find wine grapes, but there are berries growing on the sides of the road, greens growing in rows along winding streets and huge gorgeous pears hanging off trees in the orchards in the Mt. Hood region. So, how can it not be about the food. 

The fact is, Oregon has always been in the forefront when it comes to "culinary tourism" and "sustainability".  Long before good, local and fresh foods became the popular trend, Oregon led the way in culinary tourism because of all the agricultural treasures found here.  Pair all that great food with some spectacular travel options and you have found the perfect draw for visitors seeking the perfect vacation.

The Apple Inn Bed and Breakfast and The River Walk Inn, both Oregon Bed and Breakfast Guild inns, share some of their recipes on line along with other websites that offer many recipes that are typically used at bed and breakfasts.  Some Oregon Bed and Breakfasts even offer cooking classes often included in the cost your room giving you and your innkeeper the opportunity to share recipes, a meal, and of course the fun. Finding the goods, and taking advantage of the local "booty", is the prime goal for the makings of the perfect meal. 

Flowers in Lemon Curd Jar at an Oregon Bed and Breakfast.If you are a "foodie", love to cook, and enjoy the whole bed and breakfast package, you might be an epicure!  Go to and click on the "Oregon Bounty" logo to see how Oregon Bed and Breakfasts are using local ingredients in their menu's and still leading the pack in "culinary tourism" in Oregon.


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